Thursday, October 18, 2007

Campus Speak ....

Decided to list down words that form the lingua franca on campus. Definitely not exhaustive...

Arbit - Something of a institution, nay religion in B. Defies definition. Furthermore, it is known to be the primal source of campus lingo - yayo, TIN__OTM, ATF, WOWCTB and the infamous "K" are examples that spring to mind.

Are - Death "are there"... Treat "are there"... got the meaning?

BRacket it - To send some file over BRacket... the life blood that sustains the students (apart from DC, of course)

Bullet Point - What fills up your resume. For some, the two years in IIMB is a never ending quest for bullet points. For many others, it is a swear word.

CG - Cumulative Grade Point Average. Technically speaking it is the index of one's academic performance reflecting the student's performance throughout his studies in B. In other words, it is the stuff really bad nightmares are made up of.

CP - Babbling away incessantly in the class in the blind, fervent hope of getting that extra grade. Stands for Class Participation and has variants like - DCP (Desperate CP), ACP (Afterclass CP). CP putters as a rule go on to become the most hated specimens on campus.

Da - a sentence sufffix that owes its origin to the sizeable tam population (aka Sambar Mafia) on campus. Tam equivalent of "yaar". Sounds rather funny when bongs and biharis use it.

Faccha/Facchi - First year students

Fighter - Refers to anyone who slogs for anything and everything. Usually used with reference to acads. Started off initially as a derogatory term but has now become more a term of respect.

Footage - Unadulterated compulsive attention seeking reaching ridiculous proportions.

Globe - Spouting long, never ending bullshit with no purpose or end in mind. Some profs are known to be particularly nasty when faced with globe CP while some others actually encourage it

Hagga - You know what it means in Hindi. Just that we use it as a term of endearment.

K - Suffice to say that K with it variants of K level and K Max represent the verbal equivalent of flipping the bird. Just that it is a lot more classy

L^2 - The fornightly party that starts at 12 am and goes on till 6 am making campus life a bit more bearable. Why the name L^2? Come to B, you will figure it out.

Machan - a term of endearment that again is the contribution of the Sambar Mafia. Tam equivalent of "Saale".

Pappu - Stands for PPO (Pre-placement Offer). There are others who insist it refers to male genetalia

Placu - Member of the Placement Comittee. There are some who insist it is a swear word :)

Puts - essentially means to do something - "Lets put food da", "Lets put tsepak da"

RG - Everything academic in B revolves around the normal curve and relative grading. It means your performance is not determined by your absolute score but how well or bad you have performed with regards to the rest of the batch. When a person is accused of RGing someone else, it usually means he/she has done something sneaky to get an edge over the other person academically. Welcome to IIM-B.

Senti - Go all emotional and sentimental usually over the opposite sex... often happens when one has had one too many in L^2

SIGMA - Embodiment of pure evil aka the guys who take care of the computing requirements of the students

Tsepak - Another religion in B. This time it is a sport.

WOWCTB - When Others Were Carrying Their Books - refers to any presumptious and pompous statement made by junta. The story behind this is something of a legend within campus.

11 - To laugh on Bracket. Adopted from its shortcut in Age of Empires


BRAT said...

Hey. tht was a pretty read.. shld say, The IIMS hav a bit or two in common.. most f the lingo is so familiar out here in L!!!

Thatha said...

Hello Bharat,

The IIMs do share at least some of their lingo. This is because a large of students who make it are from the IITs. So in effect, what you see is the IIT lingo getting carried forward. Good examples of this would be CG and RG. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting.

Anonymous said...

Dei cheap Ineptus,

for starters, are are short for 'are strong', not for 'are there'. Are there and are are two wholly separate concepts.

2. You have defined put and not puts. Put= universal verb. Puts with = have sex with.

3. It is While Others Were Carrying Their books, not When.

HR said...


Thatha said...

Dei Madman,

I stand corrected on all counts.

Madhurjya (Banjo) Banerjee said...

I disagree with senti - you can put senti over everything. It need not be a human being. A lot of people put senti over Mess food after graduation.